Membership Cancelled

We’re sorry, but your membership has been cancelled. You’ll need to re-register in order to re-gain access to the site.

We apologize for an error or mistake, though the easiest way would be to verify in your JV Zoo purchases to see whether list training is still listed as active and accessible or if you refunded it which would look like this:

JV Zoo Product Refunded


Then you should notice there is no button on the next screen to access your purchase if you click on the Blue “Product refunded” button (seen in the image above) and see the following image:

JV Zoo product refunded no access

You should see that there is no longer a button here to access your purchase and thus your membership has been cancelled along with this refund.

We welcome you back if you want to continue learning.  Just reach out to use and let us know what products you would like to purchase.

Please also contact us if you feel you’ve received this message in error to look further into this and help you get moving forward with the training!

Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner

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