The $2 Dollar Secret T&C/Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
You agree to pay $2.00USD through JV Zoo to David Gardner and/or affiliates of the "$2 Dollar Secret" and provide a legitimate address in exchange for the "$2 Dollar Secret" report being mailed to your home, where you will learn the #1 secret to marketing:

We (David Gardner and/or affiliates, the $2 Dollar Secret and JV Zoo) make no claims that you will be able to take the knowledge gained in this secret and turn it into a growing venture.

Results are dependent upon your use of the information contained within the "$2 Dollar Secret" such that, should you carry out the suggested secret you will improve your chance at making money online.

Overall, you get out of it what you put into it. Some people have gotten very wealthy from this knowledge, though the results are not typical, because not everyone has the same drive or work ethic and instead sit back and fail.

You only have yourself to consider with your overall success or lack thereof.
Your Privacy is sacred. We protect your privacy and do not give away your information to third parties. This includes your email, phone or physical mailing address.

Our goal is to develop a relationship with trust and engagement and thus your data will not be given to other parties.

Should you open up future emails or physical pieces of marketing materials and take action on them though purchasing a suggested offer, you might then be required to provide your details at that time in order to access those materials.

In each of our emails there is always an unsubscribe button and you may opt out of future email notifications if you feel you are not benefiting from the content we provide or suggestions we make.

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